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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I hope it ends soon for you, too.

We still are not required to do the fire marshall or health department visits, which makes it more time-efficient. The inspector checks all of that. They stay between 2-4 hours, typically, going through everything. Luckily, my new inspector is really personable and the kids play as usual, even the dogs like her and act like she is family coming home. My last one seemed to make the kid's little nervous wrecks and the dogs would growl. I actually had to lock up goofy lap dogs. Bristly.
This is only my second year to do the health dept immunization audit. It is for group child care. Family child care that keeps under 7 is exempt from this and licensing does their check. I am licensed for 12 with a helper. All of it isnít difficult within itself but it does add up together to cause stress waiting for each state entity
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