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Originally Posted by Valerie928 View Post
I have a new baby starting in beginning of June. I have politely asked mom if baby will be coming 4 days a week or 5. She tells me that her and her husband are working it all out still. I know June is still months away but I need to start finding 1 more kiddo to fill a spot as I am losing a child in September who is starting kindergarten. I just want all my ducks in a row. I am a planner. Is it too soon to expect these parents to know exactly how many days a week baby will be coming?
I charge weekly so parents pay for the entire week so I don't worry about how many days the child will/won't attend.

I do require notice the Friday prior of what days (if they attend less than 5) they'll be here and notice of what days they'll be absent if they attend all 5 regularly.

Otherwise, I don't care. lol! A space is a space. My parents pay for the space not for time used.
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