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Originally Posted by DBug View Post
Sorry -- he's 3 years and 1 month, but he's tiny (smaller than my 2yo dcg). Small enough to fit in "baby-holders" but too smart to stay in them .

He sits on a regular kitchen chair at meal/snack time and uses an open cup for eating, so I only use the high chair for "safe" containment during naptime so that I can clean, use the bathroom, etc.

Hope that helps!
Ok...gotcha...Just wanted to double check with you on that.

Originally Posted by DBug View Post
Okay, that pov definitely helps with the decision ... Thank you!
I know that isn't very reassuring but seriously one kid cannot be allowed to ruin it for you and all the other kids. It just is NOT worth it in any scenario.

I would have a chat with mom and dad and see what they think and if they have any ideas on how to get him to listen and comply. Put a sticker on your calendar for a certain time period and if there is no imporvement within that time, stop wasting your time and and the risk of other kids learning his bad behavior and let him go.

It is hard, but seriously YOU need the rest/quiet time as well as the kiddos do! The ones you do have that nap deserve to have a quiet non-disruptive environment in which to nap.
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