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Default 1 Year Olds' Shrieking Upsets Older Kids - Help!

I have two 15 months olds in my daycare and a very sensitive 2.5 year old boy (among other children too). The 15 month olds don't say many words yet but they loudly babble and shriek happily. The 2.5 year old get so upset when the 15 month olds are loud and shouts at them "Don't yell at me!" or "Stop yelling!". The 15 month olds clearly like getting a reaction because they smile and escalate the shrieking. I tell the 2.5 year old things like "They're not yelling at you, sometimes babies just talk loud." But it continues back and forth until I separate them. It frequently occurs at mealtime though, when I can't separate them. How do I teach the 2.5 year old to deal with this appropriately? Is it possible to teach the 15 month olds to not scream when it's upsetting others or are they too young? Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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