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I don't have babies, so you many not agree with me, but my rule is that if one can't do it, then no one can.

if the rule is inside voices only, then you need to teach the little ones that rule. When they get loud, you put your finger over your lips and say shhhhh quiet voices and quiet your voice at the same time.

you can tell your older kids when the little ones do it, they need to just cover their ears.

I don't let the kids boss each other around or tell each other what to do.

If modeling the behavior does not work, I would sit them away from the rest until they were quiet. I have a screaming/crying spot at my house and they can do it there, but they can't come out of their until their done.
our daycare room is called the zen zone. You must be calm and collected to be in the zen zone, if not, you need to go to the crying spot until you are ready to come back calm and collected.
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