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I guess I had been telling the older kids to tell the babies "shhh" and put their finger to their lips. But the 2.5 year old would get frustrated because the babies carried on and he'd end up screaming at them and then have a crying fit when I tell him he needs to stop screaming/yelling. I would sometimes remove him from the table until he could calm down and then he could come back. The older kids sit at the table and 15 month olds sit in high chairs. I tried facing the high chairs away so they couldn't see the other kids but they'd still start shrieking. Sometimes they may be doing this out of boredom. In this case, if they aren't eating anymore, I take them out of the high chair and put them back in the play area.

I was wondering whose behavior I should be correcting here and now I'm thinking both of them. I will keep teaching everyone "indoor voices" and use separation when necessary.

Thanks everyone!
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