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Default time-space%

Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
I must be missing some weekly cleaning or bookkeeping recordings because my t/s ratio is low. Did everyone get theirs done or calculated? Can I ask what your t/s% is? I know of course not everyones will be the same, but it will give me an idea of off low mine is. Thanks!
Everyone is different, so knowing what others claim for their time-space% is not helpful. The average number of hours providers care for children is 11 hours per day, or 33% of the year. The average number of hours providers work after children are gone is about 13 hours a week, or about 8% a year. Most providers claim a space% between 90-100%. So, an average time-space % is probably between 35-45%. These are averages. Some providers are a less, and some are a lot more.
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