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I would start using sign language with her and if you have any TV time during the day and a good library, try to get the Signing Time DVDs. All kids can benefit from learning sign language and it's a big help to toddlers!

Not picking up at 2 isn't a red flag to me because I don't even TRY to get them to help pick up that young--not a popular stance, but I just don't see the need until they're old enough to really understand. I model it for them and get spontaneous help, but I in no way expect it.

Not responding to her name and the other speech issues are a HUGE red flag for me; by two she should be communicating much more than that. Sign with her but don't FORCE her to speak/sign back--encourage it, but mostly just model it for her.

That doesn't sound like too much nap for a not-quite two--one of my 2's routinely naps for 3-3.5 hours and still sleeps well during the night. I would NOT give her a paci to sleep longer, but I might start shortening the morning nap to get her to one nap a day.
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