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Originally Posted by SilverSabre25 View Post she really pale? Low on the weight charts? Trouble with poop (esp, does she go back and forth between seeming constipated and having loose stools)? Has she ever been labeled Failure to Thrive?

They should look into WHY her iron levels are low, especially if they aren't changing. Celiac disease is one condition that often causes anemia that doesn't seem to have any other cause and isn't improved by taking supplements. Celiac disease can also cause many other issues, and I can very much see a speech delay being tied into gluten issues as well as the anemia.
She is very pale but her family is pale as well. No failure to thrive and normal on the charts. Her stools are often like little rabbit turds (Sorry if it's TMI)

I have never heard of Celiac disease. Would it be out of line to google some info and present it to mom.
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