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Originally Posted by MomBoss View Post
Major snowstorm. We knew about this since 8pm last night that the snow will fall til friday morning. All kids still show up. Roads are horrible HORRIBLE . So currently trying to figure out how to remind parents of my late fee. If you know the weather is bad- you leave work early. If its really impossible to leave early, you come with late fee in hand without me having to ask for it.
Group text to ALL parents sent this afternoon for the same reasons you mention.....

"Group Text: Reminder.... ALL parents are expected to adhere to their contracted pick up time regardless of weather or road conditions. Please plan travel accordingly to avoid late fees. If timely pick up is not possible, please arrange for an alternate pick up person that can arrive by your contracted pick up time."

I always tell parents its a group text as I don't want one parent to feel targeted. Even if I really am only reminding one repeat offender.
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