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Originally Posted by littletotslearningspot View Post
Hello Everyone!

I am new to family child care as I just opened two weeks ago. I felt a bit unsure about the interview process as I was new to it all. Does anyone have something written out they wouldn't mind to share. I didn't want to fumble through the next one. I wanted to be more secure and in control of the interview process. While the interview did result in an enrolled child, I know it could have been better.

What I did (retired now) was welcome them at the door and ask them if they wanted to take a quick tour before we sat down to discuss everything. That seems to break the ice a little. We look around and do small talk.

When we sit down, I give them a copy of the contract which includes my rules. I don't do a handbook. I also have a copy in my hand and I briefly touch on each thing and ask if they have any questions. By doing this, it insures that I don't skip anything I wanted to tell them because the contract acts as a guideline. They follow along in their contract. My contract was 2 and a half pages with just the most basic important things.

Then I handed them a photo envelope with about 20 pictures in it (which you can't do now as you are just starting). Since mine was a play program I started doing this to show them that we just didn't sit around and watch t.v. all day. I included pictures of them doing art work, counting and word activities, reading with me and alone, cooking, puzzles and outdoor activities, etc. They seem to really enjoy the pictures of happy children.

If it is an infant I ask if I can hold them. They like that. Then I tell them that if they have any questions they can call me.

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