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I greet them at the door and tell them I am going to show them around and to please ask questions as we go. This process informs me what I may have to go over in more detail when we sit down after to go over the contract and handbook. For instance, if they ask about money a lot...I know to go over my payment policies extra well. If they ask a lot about "special", I make sure we go over routine and GROUP care when we sit down.

Most important of all......I do not allow the parents to feel they are interviewing me for a job. I am not a nanny. I am running a business. That business runs according to MY schedule and MY rules. They are merely looking around to see if they think it would work for them. If they are interested, they may apply for a spot. I will then decide whether or not to accept the child.

I was so much happier in this job, when I learned that I do not HAVE to make my clients happy in all things. They can purchase my services or not.
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