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There are a lot of threads on picky eaters, as Michael linked to. But I just wanted to put in my two cents!

I don't do the food program, but I do follow their recommendations for serving a grain, protein, dairy & two fruits/veggies for every meal. Usually there are 4-5 different things on the plate during lunch. This way, they have a variety of things to choose from and hopefully the picky eaters will eat at least one or two!

I have one 4 yr old who is super picky, but I do ask that he at least try 1-2 different things on his plate. I don't force it, he usually will try what I ask him to. If he doesn't like it, he can eat what he does like. If he doesn't like anything, he goes hungry. He has to sit at the table until every one else is done.

I have one almost two year old who has been picky since 12 months, and mom makes it worse by giving him junk food (Cheetos EVERY day) when he gets home because "I know he hasn't eaten and at least it's something." This one won't try anything he does not like or is not familiar with. So if he chooses not to eat, he has to sit until all of the other kids are done. There are literally only 3 meals that he likes with me- mac n chz, chicken nuggets, pb&j. I refuse to cater my menu to him so there are definitely multiple days a week where he eats nothing but snack. I don't force it, but I can't help but have guilt because he really doesn't get any nutrition at my house at all. And since Mom feeds him things with empty calories (cheetos EVERY day when he gets home); he really isn't getting any nutrition at home either.

I have a new DCG starting next week, and I am SO excited for her... for many reasons but the main one is that the parents have told me there is NOTHING she doesn't like! She is 14 months, and she has loved every food they have given her. Oh, this will be so refreshing to have a kiddo eat everything I serve!
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