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Originally Posted by Cradle2crayons View Post
Licensing isn't required here but what bothers me is that I see all the time in CL people here advertising FULL TIME Childcare for $45 a week.

The problem with that is that the rate above is WELL below state reimbursement.

Actually, MS only reimburses anywhere max of $59 a week and that's for an infant on tier one. It takes more than that to feed, provide ac and everything else for a child in a week. That's insane.

I charge more than state pays, I think that's what most do. I can't imagine LOSING money every week I cared for a child.

So, its not licensing at bothers me here since its not required. It's those fly by night babysitters charging $40 or $45 a week for full time care. That's less than a dollar an hour.
Wow, I don't get how anyone can charge $45 a week for full time care, that is insane! I wonder how they survive off of that?!
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