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Default Working with Teachers Who Don't Care

Yesterday, G23 mo. walked right of the classroom and into another room. I was comforting a hurt child. The lead teacher was in the room working on lesson plans standing by the door. She did nothing to stop the girl from walking out of the room and made me go retrieve her.

Today, we had 8-9 children in a classroom that has a 1:6 ratio according to NJ state law. The same teacher kept leaving the room to grab things, call a parent because of a biting incident (we have a phone in the classroom and/or someone from the front should have been sent in to cover). When I told the teacher "you really can't leave me alone. I'm out of ratio," she just commented that she had things to do and needed to leave. [Meanwhile another teacher got mad at me for leaving her "out of ratio" when she had 10 2.5-4 year olds. At a minimum her ratio is 1:10; if she had enough kids who are 4, the ratio would actually go UP. I was dealing with an issue in my classroom that happened as I was on my way to the other room].

I also asked where the separate soap and water/bleach and water solutions were since there is a two-step procedure for cleaning. Of course, we only have one mystery solution available. I don't know if it's supposed to be used to clean or sanitize, but of course, the other teacher in the room just doesn't care.
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