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I'm in NJ. Our rates are based on ages. The groupings are (for the preschool/daycare ages)

0-18 months (1:4)
18 months to 30 months (2.5) (1:6)
2.5-4 years (1:10)
4-5 years (1:12)
5 years (1:15)

If you have a mixed age group, you average out the ratios. For example, if you have 10 kids in a room with 4 of them between 2.5 and 4 and 6 between 18 and 30 months, you take 4*10 and 6*6 which is 40 and 36 which is 76 and divide by 10 (number of children) which gives you 7.6. That means that ratio for the room is 1:7.

For the most part, the classroom ratios are pretty set, but there are some classes that have some fluctuation. For example, the class I primarily work in is a class of 2 year olds. Between November and January, most of the children will turn 2.5. Because 2.5 is a new ratio bracket, that could bump the classroom ratio up because it would be considered a mixed age group.

On the other hand, if we move kids up to the 2.5 year old classroom in January and there are a few who aren't going to turn 2.5 until the end of the month, it could drop the ratio down a little for a few weeks.

I have tried to talk to the director, but she is very dismissive. She refuses to answer direct questions when I ask them.

I am looking for something else, but that's mostly because I really don't like working in a daycare center; I'd rather work in more of a nanny type role.
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