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Here's a list of admin stuff I do mostly weekly. the food program prefers you to do daily I often do it weekly with my other administrative tasks. All together I'd say two to three hours just for the computer stuff I need to do on the weekend.
1. Menu--I make a menu for breakfast, lunch, snack for the week and prepare my grocery list at the same time.
2. Invoices--most of my families pay weekly so I start with a template of an invoice in word and then I update it weekly and print it off. This reminds families to pay when they're supposed to. It's probably not the most efficient way to do it I'm sure I could get one that is automatically generated but it works. Some pay monthly also so for those families I just do it at the end of the previous month but list each week in the invoice. That way there's no question of what they're paying for.
3. Kidkare food program--i punch in all of my meals and attendance for the week.
4. Extras--every so often I send out fliers for remembering winter gear, illness policy etc. I also review and update my policies as necessary as well as child info--food program forms, state papers, contract, etc.
5. Taxes-- I don't keep my taxes in any kind of program instead I save and sort all of my receipts by the month and then at the end of the year I take time to go through them all and enter them into a spreadsheet. Then I give the info to my accountant.
6. Wait-list--I used to try to keep a spreadsheet for this but I feel so few spots since I rarely have openings that now I just jot them down on a list and keep it in a handy place. I do like cat herder said and prioritize families with kids already enrolled.

Also, I have a receipt book, just a standard one I got from the store that I use for when parents pay me. Every time they pay me I write a receipt the same day usually. I use these at the end of the year when I'm doing my taxes.
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