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Originally Posted by morgan24 View Post
I have a divorced couple that I watch 2 kids for and when they first started they both told me that they each pay for 1/2 of the daycare. It's included in the Dads child support. I signed a form stating how much daycare was for the Friend of court. They were in agreement to have a a receipt made out to each for their 1/2. Now the Mom has changed her mind and wants me to do one with the whole amount to her because she writes the check. I'm not sure what to do since I already gave them each a receipt.
If you already gave a receipt to each parent, I'd stay out of it and tell the mom that they need to work it out between themselves.

She has the checks to prove she paid if she needs them but other than that, I believe after issuing a receipt for payment your obligation is done.
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