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Originally Posted by morgan24 View Post
The Dads payment is in his child support and taken out of his check each week. The Mom pays me both of their share in a check from her. I don't charge for my sick days or days off I take so she gets to keep his share of the child care. It's unfair to the Dad.
IME, the court takes all expenses into account to come up with a set number for monthly CS. It does not want a high conflict situation where each micro-manages the others expenditures assuming all will balance out in the full 18+ years. If child is not in your care on a vacation day, DCM will incur expenses with back-up care or extra groceries/activities, so not really a huge bonus for her in the eyes of the court.

My bet is that the parents were ordered to alternate years claiming the child on taxes (as is routine), making the receipts split a moot point.
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