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It is super sad that they are not doing anything about it. As far as the "disability" getting thrown around, I do not think she has a disability, I do think she should wear the aids she was prescribed.
I called licensing the day after I found out, and they said I do need the "child with special needs" form filled out. This form just states whether or not the Dr. thinks my ratios need to change based on the diagnosis. I don't think they will, but I am required to have the form on file, and signed by a Dr.

The naps, the real issue- If I put her down at 1 with the rest of the kids, she SCREAMS. The older kids will ignore it and lay still, but they can't fall asleep. The baby can not sleep, and starts to cry as well. I have tried to let her CIO, but she will cry for the entire 2 hour nap if I let her. I moved the nap to 2pm and she will sleep (for less than an hour, but at least it's something!)

Mom was SUPER stand offish last night at pick up, came in and said "Let's go DCG" that was it...

I sent DCG home at 12 today for suspected pink eye, I'm sure it's just going to make DCM ever more upset, but oh well.

To me, this family is blessed and lucky to have come upon you as you already know sign language and are willing to teach it to their child(!!). The parents better settle down and behave if they know what's good for them, or they are not going to realize what they have until it's too late and it's gone and they're looking back at you compared to where they are with their possible future provider(s).
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