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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
Okay- I did not post this asking if the child was deaf or disabled or hearing impaired or any other labels. I posted wondering if my reaction was appropriate, and if ya'll thought it was okay for me to go ahead and term them. You have taken this post completely out of it's original context.

It is none of my business what the parents want to call the child in regards to the "hearing loss" they told me about. It is however my business how I am supposed to communicate with this child. And it is my business if they refuse to EITHER let her wear the hearing aids OR teach her sign language, as every child deserves the right to communicate!

I am sorry if you feel that I have personally offended you by saying that she has hearing loss vs saying that she is deaf, but I am not the one to call those shots. I simply repeated what the parents told me. I was told she has hearing loss, not that she was deaf.
I know you are not posting about this child being deaf or not. I am telling you that she is because her parents dont want to tell you that she is deaf so they decided to tell you she has hearing loss instead. Truth is, I am deaf myself but I tell some people that I am hearing impairment instead. It is not a big deal, anyways!

If the parents refused let their daughter to wear hearing aids, there is nothing you can do about it. We dont know the whole story. Maybe this child dont like to wear hearing aids, who knows. The most important that she needs to learn sign language that you can help her instead her parents. As you mentioned you know sign language so you can teach her so what is your point? If the parents refused to learn sign language, shame on them. Their child will hate them later, trust me. If she starts school and they will teach her sign language. She will pick it up quickly than what you think. The parents will probably still refused to learn sign language so it wont be changed. To be honest, it is none of your business about hearing aids that she should to wear it. If my child is in your daycare and if you are trying to tell me that my daughter must wear hearing aids, I would be very mad. I wasted $1,800 on my daughter's hearing aids that we bought for her out of our pocket that our insurance was not covered at that time when she was 6 months old. My daughter HATE hearing aids and I tried to give her an opportunity to hear for two years but she was NOT interested so I leave her alone. She is very happy child and she is 12 years old. She loves her life because we are great parents to her. It doesnt matter to us anymore.

It doesnt matter what I feel offended by you or not. Like I said, I dont care what others think about me. If you feel that you cant help her or having problems with your daycare parents then let them go. I do feel about this little child. I think she would be lucky to have you that you will be able to communicate with her that you already know sign language. I guess that will never happens since you are giving them a two weeks notice tomorrow. I would take this girl for that spot and helped her parents not to be embarrassed about her hearing loss or something like that. However, I closed daycare for a while to being a stay home at mom with my handsome baby that I had him a few months ago.
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