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Originally Posted by Indoorvoice View Post
We already did a pre interview over email so I know her husband can't help and she can't budge on the hours. I originally agreed to interview because I thought maybe I could suck up the crappy hours and because I felt like maybe I owed it to my current dcp for recommending me, but I have a better client lined up now and I seriously just can't fathom opening a full 2 hours before my regular opening time and staying open a half hour to hour later than I normally close. I feel bad making her think she had an interview lined up and then canceling it, but I know I can't do it. I don't know if it's more unprofessional to cancel or to waste her time with an interview that won't go anywhere.
There is your answer then.... just tell her you considered it but after much thought, just can't open that much earlier for one client.

I'd end the e-mail with something positive that leaves the door open...suggest that should she ever have a change in work hours and have such hours that fit into your routine, you would be happy to re-interview and try again.
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