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Default Family Hates My Daycare But My Family Needs The Income

I'm getting no respect what so ever from DH. Leaves gates open, doors unlocked, comes in and out of house during nap. Other family does similar things. We had a "family meeting" last night to discuss daycare rules. I printed out a copy for everyone.
Today was like no meeting ever happened. I'm actually in tears right now after a blow out with my husband, who has broken 4-5 rules already. He made it clear that he doesn't care. This is his house and he doesn't feel like it's his house.

My 6 year old is always telling me she doesn't like the daycare.
My 3 year old doesn't say she doesn't like the daycare, but it's clear that she doesn't.

I do. Here's the thing. We were living off my husband's pay before @ $400-$500/week. My daycare now brings in another $1000/week. This is a huge difference. At this point we couldn't even cover our basic bills without half of this daycare income.

I don't think having less kids will make any difference. The daycare will still be here.

If I were to get a "job" I would have to put my 3 year old in daycare @ a very minimum $165/week and with my skills would only be making approx. $400-$ not worth it, besides I want to be with my 3 year old. She full day kindergarten in 1.5 years. I do not want her in someone else's daycare.
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