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Maybe there are some other changes I can make to accommodate my family. My DH is currently home on medical leave, making things especially more challenging. But maybe I can change my closing time to the time he gets off work.
Or switch to infant care only. Or SA only. Or??? Any other ideas?

My hours are currently 8:30-6:00. Only a couple kids stay from 5:30-6. Some kids might be able to leave by 5.
Perhaps I can change my hours to be the same as my husband's hours, 7-5 with a field trip on Wednesdays (his day off). It sounds reasonable to me. I can give everyone a ton of notice and have the start date be the beginning of summer (right when I can easily replace kids )

Then I can tell DCK no more time in our personal living room. And not nap kids in my 6 year old's bedroom... Then I can have my sub come from 3:30-5:00 every other day so I can take my own kids out somewhere....alone. maybe...???

sigh, this really sucks. We've spent years and years just getting by. Getting food from food banks. Now we have a decent living and it's making us all so unhappy.
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