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I think that at the very least making some better/more separate space for daycare and family would be a huge help. Let your kids be able to go freely to their own rooms and the personal living room. If you can give them other privileges like having a supply of snacks they can help themselves freely to as long as they keep it quiet from the daycare kids.

I feel your pain, my DD hates daycare and says this frequently, even in front of daycare parents. It makes me feel awful but it's what we have to do. she's gotten better since I've started almost pushing her to go spend time away from the daycare kids. She can get snacks and drinks on her own, spend time in her own room away from them, and is allowed things like my phone/Nook/laptop to play games or watch netflix.

We just get by even with my income and I make sure to remind her of some of the perks she wouldn't get without the daycare--like her prized gymnastics lessons, and zoo membership, and eating out a couple times a week.
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