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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
Oh that's great that you have a space to dedicate specifically to daycare. If you can transform your space into a fully functioning space I would do it in a heartbeat. Can you add a bathroom and even a little kitchenette area with cabinet space? You probably won't need a stove but I think that a small studio-size fridge would be great to have so store pre-made meals, breast milk, dairy milk etc in. This way it can all be self-contained.

Of course if renting out another house for your daycare (I completely forgot that this was even an option because it's not allowed in my state) is more cost effective then this is also a great option. Maybe you'll find something near your home .
I cannot even begin to list the benefits of having a separate space.

Whether it is an entire house or just the seriously makes ALL the difference.
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