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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I cannot even begin to list the benefits of having a separate space.

Whether it is an entire house or just the seriously makes ALL the difference.
I'm sure it does. It's scarey to take on an extra expense such as this though, especially since I have two kids are known to be temporary @ $300/week. .....But I could even hire someone to do the 3:30-6:00 in the afternoons and go home with my kids. which would make them very happy. So my day would only be 8:30-3:00 and my income would go down to $665. Sounds like a really good compromise, but like I said scarey with the thought of losing that $300...
I've started trolling craigslist to find some to look at already. I think it would make all of us much happier.

As for the basement, the room would be small (at least initially until I can afford to do the other half) but I would have a bathroom put in as well as a sink/mini fridge/microwave so that it's a fully functional space with separate entrance.

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate your support.
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