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Originally Posted by countrymom View Post
first, if your dh is so unhappy why doesn't HE leave, what is holding him at the house.
He is home on medical leave with a broken leg.

your dh wants his house back, maybe by having a seperate area for daycare this will help the situation. You have to understand, no one wants to come home to a whole house that is a daycare.

your hours, I found when I had late hours, it was stress on everyone because we didn't have the family time and it was so crazy having to watch and feed dck's because they were here so late. I now close at 5pm, and we eat dinner at 530pm (sometimes earlier) it makes a huge difference.
If I can't move or get the basement finished I will be changing my hours and cutting down on how many kids there are. Changing the hours will immediately get rid of 2-4+ kids so that will be easy.

my kids go to their rooms if they want quiet time or have a snack. This is their home so they need to feel comfortable, this is why they are allowed to go and eat snacks in their rooms (moderation)
I've already made a change that daycare kids aren't allowed in the family living room or my children's bedrooms. This is helping a little.

as for the money problem, can your dh be hiding some money issues, is he worried about not having enough. Instead of giving him rules, maybe a budget would be better.
He has no idea about our bills.

do you guys go out, like for a walk or for a drive (me and dh love going for a car ride, but the kids love going too---is this even normal, they even ask us to go for car rides and they are older, we get coffees, stop at parks, yardsales, auctions)

sounds to me that your dh is angry, but not about daycare about something else, and he's going to have to tell you. Have you asked him why he doesnt like the daycare.
He is miserable. He doesn't really like kids honestly. He can barely walk with his broken leg and we have one bathroom, which you get to through the playroom. Our front door goes to the playroom. Basically the playroom is literally in the middle of our ranch house.
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