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I can relate in a way, my husband is very supportive, he even helps with the dishes and taking trash out every morning, but I think he does not realize how difficult this job is and how exhausted I am at the end of the day he likes to come from work to sit down on couch and fall asleep while dinner is served and the house is put together for next day. It drives me so mad that sometimes I resent him, my problem is that I live with 2 other adult, my husband and another family member, they are both the same, they think they come from work to have everything done for them. There is never a "how can Help you today?" Do you need me to mop the floor today? Clean the bathroom? and yes this might sound gross but it does happen... I would love for them to say "Hey I just used the bathroom and my poop was really soft and sticky today but no worries I will clean up after myself because I know you have DCK that are using that bathroom tomorrow" But it does not happen, Sometimes even when I leave the bathroom clean the night before so i don't have to worry about it in the am, I would find it dirty in the am. Is so disrespectful, I've talked to both of them but it does not seem to stick in to their heads that this is MY house, MY working place and I want to keep it clean and that I have enough of cleaning after kids to spend the rest of my time cleaning after adults, pleas don't leave your used cups, spoons and bowls in the sink, go ahead and wash them, I am not going to even start talking about the floors because I will be venting until tomorrow.

There was a moment that we did go to therapy, it did help and it did make us more conscious of each others needs, even when I am describing my situation as a bad one with family n DC it is way better now than it was before, counseling does help, sometimes he is thinking of things that you don't even imagine and it comes out during counseling. give it a try.
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