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Originally Posted by countrymom View Post
you just answered your own questions. He's miserable because he can't do anything, and he feels like the daycare is taking over his life. Was he like this before he broke his leg.
Yep. But he was working till 5:00 before so even though he had to "deal" for a half hour to an hour it's not the same thing as waking up to kids in the middle of the house, surrounded by gates, etc. etc. Our family room opens up into the playroom, so there is NO sound barrier.
It took this broken leg to make him really speak up about how much he hates it. And we are the type to not communicate well. We don't say something until we're mad - then it gets ugly. But the good thing is that now I can see how much of a problem it is and now I can work on fixing it.
If it were summer time we are outside ALL the time so it wouldn't of even mattered. but now it gets DARK by 5:30, aside from the cold, so it's not like we can stay out a long time...
Lately my 6yo is really stressed out too.
I'm just really disappointed, but I would rather have a happy family then a few extra hundred a week.
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