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Originally Posted by DaisyMamma View Post
OK here's something else that is really going to make this FULLY challenging.

#1. I can only take a rental that, obviously, is within my budget.
#2. I can only take a rental that is on the bus route.
#3. I can only take a rental that doesn't want a credit check! because! We're in the middle of a bankruptcy - which is also why we can't withdraw from our IRA to do the basement right away

I just want to CRY!!!!

I talked to a guy today who has a 1000 sq. ft. space for rent that currently has a swing set outside of it! On 8 acres... AND in my budget range, but at the end of the conversation he says, oh - well, my ex-wife has to make the decision and she might not want to rent to a daycare, or she will want you to rent the whole building (FOR 2.5 TIMES THE COST) UGH!
The trick with landlords and daycare is to present the positives
  • Environment and building must be kept in good condition so you aren't cited by licensing
  • Long term rental possibility as most daycare don't move every other month
Sometimes those two things, guaranteed good upkeep and long term rental are all landlords need to hear to agree to rent to you.

Also if you are required to keep additional insurance on the place, that sometimes helps too.
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