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Default What goes in your rate??

I am reevaluating my current program and I am curious as to how you come up with your rate.

When I started 6 years ago I just went with the going rate for my area and never put any more thought into it.

Now that I am established, licensed, and working towards my degree in early childhood I wonder if my rates are too high, low, etc.

I have never raised my rates, even as the cost of everything rises.

I also currently have the issue with the DCF that was expecting a sibling discount and I am left wondering if I am wrong for not giving one. I can't help but think how expensive child care is and feel as if they think I am ripping them off. Yet, I know how expensive child care is because I have had to pay for it and I also know that when you find someone you can trust the fee doesn't seem to matter all that much. Yet, I understand when a family cannot financially make it work.

I do not want to sell myself short. I do know that infant care is very hard to find around here and this DCF only wanted to pay me $80 for an infant for full time. I also know unless this family is trying to get family to keep their kids my rate is still going to be the lowest with a very small child ratio.

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