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Default Shoes and socks

Recently I changed my policies. I now require shoes and socks. I did this because my play yard has heavy items they can carry around and build with. that I have this policy, I'm running into obstacles. For one thing, the grass is wet and their socks and shoes get really wet. When we come inside I let them take their shoes and socks off and we leave them on my deck. They don't dry and they have grass all over them. I have to clap them together to clean them and then they are still wet. Moms are starting to complain about the socks getting dirty. I did suggest they don't bring bright white socks....just have them wear ones that are stained. Not sure what else to do....but I'm sure you have suggestions. My carpet does need cleaning....but it is old and never cleans up as good as I would like even though I have it professionally cleaned 3 times a year. I thought about having them take socks off every day while inside...but then what about winter? House shoes?

I know you will have solutions for bring it on! Please!!!!!!
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