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Not exactly daycare related...

Had a good day, unexpected early day. Was supposed to have kids here 'til 9:30, but they're dad got sick. My last kids left today at 5p. That doesn't happen often.

Well, my odd (16) and her bf got into an argument via text. She made a joke, he, apparently doesn't share her sense of humor, and well, we all know sarcasm isn't read well (without proper annotation). He told her he was done texting her tonight, and told her not to call. She got all crabby, bringing down the mood in the house.

My DH drives truck and is gone right now. He called me about an hour ago, upset because he lost his key ring. He thinks they fell into the trash, and it got emptied earlier today. He has the ignition key, but lost his other keys. It had the trailer padlock on there. Long story, he had a meat load, some damaged boxes were rejected, but the meat was ok. He threw it in the trailer (temp controlled trailer) with the load he is hauling now and bought a new fridge for his truck today for the meat. Fridge ok to run now, he went to take the meat out of the trailer and put it in his fridge (company was going to throw it, nothing was wrong with it, just damaged box). Anyway, he can't find his keys and can't get into the trailer. He's upset because he feels it's 500 wasted. Because he could have just thrown the meat in the first place, saved the $500 on the fridge, and likely not lost his keys. We're talking maybe $100 worth of high-end deli (not yet sliced) type meat. Now he has to either pay to have the lock cut. It's a high end lock and a regular bolt cutter won't do the trick. OR Shut the temp control off on the trailer (it's not supposed to be on) and let the meat spoil, or deliver a cold load that's supposed to be not refrigerated... Not sure what he's hauling. Anyway, we spent 37 minutes on the phone with him crabby the whole time, and not really talking, just there and very irritable.

In both situations there is nothing I can do, and now I'm feeling kind of grumpy.
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