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Default Employee Scheduling

I have 3 employees and am hiring a 4th. One of my employees is not able to work summers due to having her own kids so she is not on the schedule until fall.

All of my employees HAVE to work for me PT, FT is not an option due to insurance.

Currently I have no one working on Thursday morning and the only employee that can does not want to work on Thursdays because that is her time with her BF..She thinks that she should have seniority over the other employees that work summer as she has been here longer.

She is also the only one that does not have another job or in college over the summer.

The new hire can not work Thursday morn due to college. The other has a PT job and works all day there on Thursday.

I want to tell my assistant that she has to work Thursday mornings or I have to let her go. Is this fair?
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