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Doesn't she realize one day she won't even talk to this boyfriend or if things work out she's going to get sick of looking at his face every Thursday? Just kidding! But anyway, I would probably say what you told all of us about her being the ideal employee who is very reliable and responsible but if her Thursday AM with her BF is more important than her job then that's HER choice. You NEED someone to work that AM and won't be able to comply otherwise. If that doesn't matter to her, why should her personal time matter to you? This is a business and she sounds like maybe she's gotten a little too comfortable with calling the shots there. The time and money it would cost you to find and train someone would be crazy. Is there anything you could offer to entice her? If it's going to cost you $500 to find and train someone maybe offering her $5/hr more on that AM would be worth it! Figure out what that would be just for the summer until your other Thurs AM girl is back and see if it's a good economical choice. If it would cost you an extra $20/wk for 10 weeks that's only $200 vs $500. Maybe it's only $180 to certify someone else so $200 isn't worth it.
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