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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
I definitely would not be offering any benefits for working that day. She doesn't have other "obligations" like school or another job... she just wants the day to chill with the boyfriend. Sorry, but your want is does not have priority over my need.

Personally, I'd advertise to replace her... that doesn't mean you have to actually hire anyone, but you just might find that perfect someone who's reliable AND busts their rear which would make paying a new hire well worth it.

She needs to be 100% worth the money you pay her. If merely showing up and being reliable makes her worth her pay then awesome... but I wouldn't consider that a "whole" employee. They don't necessarily need to be outstanding or the perfect worker, but you described her as being just a warm body so you can stay in ratio... that to me says she's not worth her pay.
hey where you talking to my husband??? lol that is what he says

I am ok with her being a warm body most of the time. she usually just comes when the kids are napping so that my husband can pick up my son from school. But now that school is out we don't really need that.
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