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I treat biting the way I do any other physical infraction. The only difference is that it leaves a mark, which is what is so upsetting.

I just went thru a biting phase with my 19m dcb. It lasted about 8 weeks with him biting about 5 times. The other parents were on edge about it, but they were patient. I told them it was temporary and I would have it totally banished fairly quickly. I explained how it is not a behavior problem, it's just something that some toddlers go thru and it's still possible that their own toddler may do the same (that quieted a lot of the "shouldn't he be kicked out?" comments).

Now, this is not a typical biting phase because there really isn't a typical phase. Your biter may draw blood or bite 5 times per day instead of 5 in 2 months. So it's really going to depend on the severity of the situation. It's really something you have to take on a case by case basis and use your best judgement.
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