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My daughter is 17m, she bites one child, her cousin. My sister in law watches my daughter while I work full time. (I'm about to jump from my FT job to daycare)You know why? Because her care provider didn't do anything about it and she's learned that in that setting she can express her frustrations this way. That is what it is, her cousin is older and pushes her around or takes a toy, then she bites. It isn't often but the pattern is obvious to everyone. There is a lack of effort on the part of the care provider to be consistent with all discipline.

I understand that not all children have an obvious reason for biting, but in a case like this, it is up to the adults to step in, correct behavior and watch carefully to stop future biting attacks. It is extremely common for children to bite if they learn they can express themselves this way. That is why some don't have much of an issue with it. We don't have this issue at home or with any other child, just the setting she's learned this is not a punishable offense to do it in.
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