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This is not a Craigslist ad, but the following link is the application that I have to use and it could give off a bad impression. See the 2nd page 1st line.

Here is another link to an ad that would take up 3 pages if I quoted it on here. She repeated everything countless times. I don't think it's a mistake because the same ad is posted more than once.

Here is another one...

I have availablity in my home for FT or PT care. I am just starting out and have no other children in my care at this time. For that reason I am offering a low rate of $2 an hour for the first two children placed in my care. I am located in Hammond across from a park for lots of outdoor acrtivites. I am available all hours and will work around your schedule. Refrences available upon request. Please email any questions that you may have.

She may regret that later.

I also saw one a few weeks ago offering free breast milk.

The one on CL, with all her education she has her spelling off a little

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