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When I more than 6 kids usually Iíll split them into centers. I have usually 3-4 or Iíll create more if I have more kids at any certain time
-1-blocks,cars centers
-2-library books center
-3- home living center, dress up
-4- coloring, drawing center
-5-(if needed) puzzles
-6- (if needed) another block I pull out
If I need to do something with a group or one of them I use this time to use one of the ďcentersĒ as table time with me so I can do work with them in smaller groups or Iíll call them out of centers individually for handprint art or whatever.

They sit quitley and the quietest get to pick fist centers until that centers full and then so on until all centers are full. Then I set a timer for like 15 minutes and when it goes off I turn on this Disney song on my phone. The same one every time. They have until the song is over to clean up their center and sit Quietly in their center and then I rotate. Set another timer and do another song. It goes on for like an hour or two. They donít get bored, they practice playing with all the toys, and they practice their cleaning.
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