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I have dealt with many parents who had bad sleep habits when entering care. I don’t elaborate much and my go to line is “you might be surprised what she will adapt too once she gets used to the routine and sees other kids napping...I have never had a kid not transition well”. Then I sleep train the child when they begin care. Takes 3 days and they are trained and start sleeping really well and meeting their milestones. I do not let the parent know exactly how long they cry but will say “she cried for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep” and then lesson the time you tell the parent each day until she stops. Some kids can take up to 30 minutes of crying before falling asleep (and some barely cry at all) but I do not tell the parent this. Let her live in her lalaland of bad sleep habits. I would put baby in a seperate room with a loud sound machine and video monitor to start.

Just a word of warning that you will likely need to sleep train every Monday after the weekend. Every Monday my routine gets thrown off by overtired kids.
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