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I use emergency evacuation mini-cribs (I picked I was required to have one, then loved it so much I purchased two. I can really only keep two kids under one year before my ratio cuts in half, so I don't need more.

PNP's are not recommended because they cannot be sanitized well (cardboard pad absorbs body fluids, can't be replaced), have drop/mesh sides that are not particularly safe and keep infants outside of easy reach for people of larger or shorter proportions. The theory is we won't pick up the baby as often if it is harder to do it, watching cameras it is pretty convincing that they are on to something.

I buy each child their own 3-inch crib mattress upon enrollment and they use that from the crib, until their last day. I use the extra-large kinder sheets. Meets QRIS recommendations very well and the price is easily comparable to the 3-inch foldable nap mats.

The day may come where I am required to do cots, but I never liked them when I worked in centers. Just personal choice, I suppose. The kids love their soft sheets, mattresses, and blankets.
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