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I would request a doctor's note stating it is ok. Boy, I don't know. Never had that one come up before.....

What happens if she gets sick or something from it....sure hate that to fall back on you.

What are her reason's for it?

Okay, I found this about it and I would still be leary or the safety risks:

"Some farmers and consumers believe that goat's milk is healthier when consumed raw, though the FDA warns that unpasteurized milk can harbor deadly diseases. Milk "straight from the goat", like human milk, is a living product containing antibacterial cells, probiotics and functional enzymes. Some of milk's nutritional properties may be destroyed during pasteurization.

Still, according to the majority of food-safety experts, all milk should be thoroughly treated prior to consumption. Many seemingly-healthy goats are actually carriers of deadly human-transmissible diseases, and the chemical composition of goat's milk is favorable for the growth of pathogens. People who are very young, very old, pregnant or immunosuppressed are at the highest risk of contracting illnesses through raw goat's milk."

They do say it is easier digested and has some good health benefits. it also states goat's milk is the mostly widely consumed milk available but there is much controversy when it comes to raw or pasturized.

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