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There are many health benefits to raw milk (goat or cow)- assuming it's organic and grass-fed/pasture raised. Many kids with cow milk intolerance can handle goat's milk really well. Since it's not readily available at the grocery store, many people get it directly from the farmer.
Pasteurized means simply, that it wasn't boiled to kill off any bacteria. Most of the danger in bacteria comes from poor milking "hygiene," meaning, the farmer doesn't clean the teats well enough from any dirt/manure.
If you are nervous about it being raw, you could ask the mom if she wouldn't mind her/you boiling it before serving it to the DCK (after it has cooled, of course), and explain the regulations and that if it has been boiled, it will meet the state regulations. (This also gives her an out to "say" she boils it, even if she doesn't. What you don't know won't hurt you, right?)
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