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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thanks for all the advice everyone. This IS helpful. Gives my wife and I something to sit down and read through this evening. As far as the legality of it, I'm certainly no specialist with childcare laws, but I don't that it makes any difference that 3 of them are her family. Ours is the only one that isn't family. (1 is her daughter, 2 are nephews, actually, scratch that, 2 are grandsons... I always forget they're grandsons, not nephews - her hubby had a daughter very early, so she's a very young grandmother, doesn't even feel right saying grandmother cause she's only in her mid 30's) That might not make any difference at all, but thought I'd clarify that.
The fact it is family could make quite a bit of difference because legally she could care for them with or without pay in many states and if they are old enough, they won't count in the ratio... if yours is the only one that isn't family, I could see where she would still want her Nanny wages; might be the only $$ she is actually getting paid, plus many counties don't require a license until you have 5 unrelated children in care ( some you have to be licensed to take just one child)
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