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I have had hfm in my dc twice in 10 years. First time only one child got it. The second time the mom texted me that she thinks her child has measles. (I'm thinking probably not) he had fever and sores around his mouth. I told her that she needs to go tot he dr. hours later she finally text me back and reports that it is HFM. His sores got worse and worse and I excluded him until his sores where all totally healed over. Mom kept challenging me about that but I stuck to my guns and he was out 6 days. The other child that got it from him was out 8 days. He got it bad. Sores in his mouth as well as around his mouth. Neither parent was happy but they abided. I can almost always tell when it's a dose and drop because they are fine all morning and then around 11 or so they start wilting and by 12:00 they are pretty miserable. I have heard that they are contagious for up to 3 -6 weeks after that. (not sure about that). HFM can be a nasty one to contain so I don't chance anything.
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