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Originally Posted by CalCare View Post
The thing is, on your property anything that happens will be your responsibility whether open or closed at the time. The beauty of going to a park as mentioned, is that the park (county or city or?) Is then the responsible party if a child is hurt. The parents sue the county if a kid falls off a park play structure. Parents sue you if a child falls off of your play structure. Even burglars, obviously uninvited, sue homeowners when they get hurt while on their property! In addition to being the property owner and being sued for having a faulty environment where someone can slip and need medical care, you have the added liability of being that child's care provider. So, the families can also so you for not providing appropriate supervision during the party. That's the part that isn't as black and white as who's property it is. Who is supposed to be supervising the kids at the party- the best way to make that black and white in the case of a law suit, I would think, would to have it in writing. Written in the handbook and even on invitations! Something saying, "Outside of childcare hours, children are the sole responsibility of their families whether Miss Suzie is present or not."!!

I think it will be fine. I’m going to have everyone sign a policy update stating that after hour events. The children are their responsibility and to remember to be very diligent since the child might struggle seeing two adult figures...

It’s always one family that pushes things. 18 month old is fabulous for me... but I saw dcm chasing him Down our WHOLE block trying to catch him. My first thought was she needs to learn to run faster than a toddler. Then my second was ‘seriously, I would’ve caught him in one second!’
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