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Accrued time off is just that. If you take 19 days off a year, you divide it over the course of 12 months...meaning you accrue paid time off at a rate of 1.58 days per month.

(It's no different than an employee at a supermarket I know. For every 40 hour work week he puts in, he accrues 1 hour of vacation. So...if he worked 20 weeks and had 20 hours vacation accrued and left his job, they would need to pay him for his accrued vacation time.)

This particular child will be leaving on April 14th. I calculate any holiday/vacation/personal days I have taken...1 (New Years.) 1.58 days per month times 3.5 months (January, February, March & 1/2 April) Subtract days taken. In this case, parent is responsible for Parent is then responsible for 4.5 days. Take 4.5 days times their daily rate.
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