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Originally Posted by Homebody View Post
Thank you for the advice MarinaVanessa! I'm definitely going to look into getting my own personal website for daycare. And good idea about putting your policies on the website, that way parents can get a feel for what the daycare will be like. Is it a pretty easy process of setting one up?
Yes it's easy! I use and love the drag and drop site designer. I'm in the process of going to a Wordpress site which is more complicated but I've had my website for more than 8 years now with and it has been great for me. I wanted more freedom with my layout which is the only reason why I'm switching. I've heard people use too and like it. There are others too I'm sure.

You can sign up for their free ones which will probably limit the number of pages you can create but usually it's not an issue. gives you 5 pages so if you create a Home, About, Program/FAQ, Parent and Contact page it's enough. Sometimes the free ones allow you to create it for free because they put advertising in a banner or ad somewhere on your pages. They're usually relevant to your profession and I didn't mind it so much, I switched to a paid subscription so I could add more pages which removed the ads.

You can try out a couple of free ones and see which one is easier for you to work with
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